A 6-Week Stress Reduction Program for Nurses to Revive & Thrive

☑️You feel wiped out after your shift and dread getting up only to do it again tomorrow

☑️You feel constantly stressed out at work, where it pours over and you bring that stress home with you

☑️You are working so hard to care for others, while leaving nothing for your health and well-being

☑️You think feeling stressed out is unavoidable when you are a nurse

☑️You use unhealthy means to cope with the stresses of your job

I get it, having HEALTHY coping skills are a rarity now-a-days.

If you didn’t learn them from your elders growing up, then I doubt you learned them in school.

On top of that, they most likely weren’t designed to level up with the unique set of challenges we face as nurses.


I’ve experienced first hand how stress can ruin one’s life. 
My father was the first non-MD hospital administrator in the USA and president of the Association of Mental Health Administrators during the deinstitutionalization period in the 1970s.

He was tasked to take on very stressful jobs and
he died way too young (50) because of it.

It was hard for me to grow up without a dad.
Once I joined the workforce as a nurse, I began to 
see the reality of how stress can influence one’s choices.

At work I noticed that everyone approached challenges
differently. Piecing together observations and results
then testing them on my own, I noticed a pattern.

Having this knowledge, successful mentors and 
burning passion to NOT let stress get the best of me,
I set up my plan to live a full and meaningful life.

I didn’t want to just live for my days off. 
I wanted to THRIVE! Make my life count.

And that is what I did! I had a successful career as a nurse in many different specialties all while maintaining my health, building my wealth and enjoying meaningful relationships and experiences.

I built my life resume all while having the time of my life.

Then I began to coach others how to do the same. Soon 
my content alone became mandatory meetings for 
nurse managers/supervisors and nurse interns.

After my success, many testimonials and data to prove my information reduced OTHER nurses' stress levels (below benchmark) 

I knew I was on to something!

Then the thoughts came to me…
”What if nurses everywhere could teach this to their patients?! 
Then the patients taught their families.”
It got me REALLY excited! 

It inspired me to make this course available to ANY nurse online.

Knowing how to control and reduce your stress are learned skills that hold the key to your inner peace.

One nurse, at a time, gaining inner peace builds momentum to our ultimate vision of world peace.

Each individual person matters.
Peace within you will manifest peace outside of you. 

As you work through the program, you make it easier for the next... until we collectively reach a tipping point. 

If you are still with me, I am excited to announce the official 
launch of the evidence-based stress reduction program for nurses!

A 6-Week Stress Reduction Program for Nurses to Revive & Thrive


The Clarity Questionnaire helps you create and clearly see your lifestyle vision so that we can get straight to work and you can begin to feel the joy of life.


During this 60 minute
 POWER HOUR, we will complete your intake assessment so that we can design the most efficient path for you to move through the program based upon your needs. Get the relief you need asap!


The Stress Reduction Program consists of 6 different modules that include videos and resources with content to reduce your stress in all areas of your life and teach you healthy coping skills so that you can improve your quality of life.


Six (6) 30 minute, biweekly calls with Alison via Zoom between each module to go over exactly what you are struggling with so that you can quickly release your stress and develop healthy skills to cope.


Each module has printable worksheet(s) to complete as you go through the program so that you have a place to work through your stressors and develop techniques that will work for you.


You have direct email access to 
Alison to cover the time between 
your 1:1 coaching calls prn so that she can facilitate your journey through the program so you will feel supported.

Imagine if you felt confident in your ability to handle any stressors that came your way, whether you're on-shift or off. 

Imagine if your positivity impacted all the patients you came into contact with, making their lives more enjoyable, and leaving you feel more satisfied with your work.


 "Alison's work has been really beneficial for the hospital and me personally. I have learned to really focus on work life balance by using the tools presented. She does a terrific job of giving practical techniques which can be used every day to focus on positive behaviors and ways of thinking. I enjoy her real life examples and scientific information supporting reasons for changing or staying the course for a healthy mind, body, and spirit.” 
-Cathy M.

"Alison's presentations offered at our hospital have been a wonderful opportunity for employees to learn ways to help cope with their own everyday stress. The cognitive and behavioral approaches that are taught in these classes can make a difference in how we take care of our patients as well as how we care for ourselves. Nurses often don’t realize that providing care to others can be stressful and can sometimes negatively impact their personal life. Her speeches offer a time to decompress and learn techniques so that people can manage those everyday stressors in a more positive way. I have used many of the techniques that I have learned throughout the course of these workshops and feel that it has enabled me to take better care of myself so that I can take better care of others."
-Teresa T.

"(Alison) has proven to be instrumental in helping me overcome fear and procrastination in the area of goal planning. During the goal planning exercise Alison asked the thought provoking question, “What if you could not fail?” This one question sent me on an endless journey of possibilities and forced me into total truthfulness concerning hindrances in moving towards my somewhat hidden dreams."  
-Debbie C.

"The section titled “Words are Powerful” was simply amazing. The visual presentation and discussion literally took my breath away as Alison discussed the effect that words have in creating the environment around us. At the end of the workshop, I immediately began to ponder on the scripture Proverbs 18:21 which states “Life and death are in the power of the tongue…” for as Alison stated “always remember: every word you speak has the power to hurt or heal…it can create your ideal life”. What a wonderful realization to know that the choice is up to us….a precious gift, waiting for us to unfold."
-Cynthia S.

There are LIMITED spots available!


Assess your emotional stress
Learn how to deal with past emotional stress
Learn the physical actions you can do to release current emotional stress
Learn how to prophylactically prevent emotional stress
Learn how to use triggers for growth
Assess your physical stress
Learn how to balance this based on your personality type
Learn how to use momentum for your advantage
Assess your nutritional stress
Discover how this stress trumps all others 
Learn tricks to minimize this stress no matter what food you eat
Assess your financial stress
Discover many simple but powerful tips that can turn things around for you
Feel the reward that comes from being in control
Assess your environmental stress
Learn powerful tricks that can improve your stress levels instantly
Discover some bizarre techniques that help more than you would think
Assess your work stress
Discover problem solving techniques that work no matter the issue
Learn how to deal with overwhelm and co-worker drama

☑️ Are tired of being overwhelmed, stressed out and feeling horrible but don’t know what to do about it.

☑️ Are ready to take action with a step-by-step program to reduce your stress.

☑️Are ready to break free from the shackles of stress and start enjoying life again.

☑️Want to maximize your life in all areas, so that you can have measurable success.

☑️Want to learn secret tricks and mental shifts to improve the quality of your life, so that you can cope and pull energy from the situations you encounter.

There are LIMITED spots available!

Q: I barely have enough time for myself right now, how am I going to make time for this program?
A: The video content can be listened to on your mobile device anywhere or anytime (brushing your teeth, driving to work, during break, etc). Complete the 'Time Assessment' worksheet first to discover where all your time goes so you can make adjustments prn. When the pain of staying the same is worse than the perceived pain of changing, then you know you are ready. 

Q: Can you provide this program at our hospital?
A: Have your hospital leadership reach out to us at info@eyewitnessfitness.com